Modules can be configured using the following type and predicates:


JSON-LD Shortcut URI Description
Module oo:Module A module that can contain components.


JSON-LD Shortcut URI Domain → Range Description
components oo:component oo:Module → oo:Component Attaches one or more components to a module.
import owl:imports ? → ? Includes the target file (URL) in this file.
requireName doap:name oo:Module → xsd:string The name of the npm package as defined in the package.json file.
comment rdfs:comment ? → xsd:string The comment of a thing.


A module can be defined as follows:

  "@context": "^5.0.0/components/context.jsonld",
  "@id": "",
  "@type": "Module",
  "requireName": "my-module",
  "comment": "This is my awesome module!",
  "components": [
  "import": [


Import sources can be overriden using the lsd:importPaths entry in your package.json file.